the waterside community church

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Waterside meetings;


18th March’18

Joint church meeting with LOGOS and Waterfront


23rd March’18

The ‘Direct Light’ Goa team presentation.











30th June’18

Waterside C.C. first ‘Place Of Safety’ in Gosport

Launch event organised by Gosport Voluntary Action














8th July’18

Sea Sunday Service with the Salvation Army. Back to Waterside afterwards for tea.



15th July’18.

Presentation day for the outgoing leader and trustee.

Hilary & Sheila Viccars, with current leaders Phil & Dee Chester.


14th September’18

Gosport Heritage day at Waterside.

The Henry Cook Displays by Debbie South.



Senior Leaders

Phil & Dee













The team;

Shaz & Darren


















Special guest speakers this summer.

Linvoy Primus











Kojan Adam














Graham & Edith Hardy