the waterside community church


Premier broadcasts 24 hours a day offering a wide
and varied range of entertaining and informative programming based on the
beliefs and values of the Christian faith. The major emphasis is on news,
current concerns and lifestyle issues and there are also programmes that
explain and commend Christian belief. Praise and worship songs and traditional,
modern and classic hymns and music are mixed together to create a unique sound.

UCB is a Christian media ministry within the UK and
Ireland formed to promote the good news of the Kingdom of God. We strive for
excellence and integrity in communicating the reality of life in Jesus Christ
in all that we do. We prayerfully and faithfully serve God, and will testify to
people’s lives being changed for good.
At Cross Rhythms we see ourselves as an arrowhead.
As media our mandate is to be strong and piercing into situations in our
locality of North Staffordshire, into our nation and even globally. However we don’t see the whole picture. The heart of Cross Rhythms as an organisation is deeper than that. We believe in collaboration with other organisations whose impact on society is different from our own. As God says he blesses unity and partnership this is vital if we are to really see a difference made in our communities, nation and world.